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About Pentabyte Technologies

Just when you thought you have everything you need, there always comes something you don't have. The best is always yet to come, it is our time that ends.
Pentabyte believes in doing things differently rather than re-inventing the wheel. We believe in evolving continuously with changing demands of the market and stay ahead of the times.
We are a team of young enthusiastic individuals always ready to walk the extra mile to stand out. We thrive to improve ourselves and our products all the time so that you stay ahead of your competitors.
What separates Pentabyte from others is the passion and dedication to break barriers; the drive to hit new milestones rather than repeating the tried and tested. We believe there is some room for improvement in every class of product and we put that room to our advantage to stay a step ahead of others.
We are committed to ensure that with every product we deliver, there is an innovation to reckon; a new implementation that challenges the status quo.
Come, be a part of the change.
To build and deliver the most robust, intelligent and innovative software that is easy to use and stands out from the crowd. Create IT solutions that leave an impression, an impression that transforms into ever lasting relationships.
To become the most trusted IT solutions provider
Dream – build - live it
Our Products

Please contact us for a quick demo on any of the products

Aries School Manager
  • Complete School Management
  • Available in online & offline modes
  • Highly Customisable
  • User Friendly Interface
Libra Financial
  • Comprehensive Financial Managementt
  • Rigorously Tested Product
  • Customizable
  • For Micro-Finance & Finance Schemes
  • Intelligent Financial Projections
  • Beautifully Designed
Gemini Accounting
  • Stock & Inventory Management
  • Super-fast billing
  • Custom Invoice Generation
Hospital Management
  • From OPD Ticketing to Discharge
  • Complete Billing Solution
  • User Customisable Modules
  • Server maintenance is on us
  • Patient History at your fingertips
Retail Management Tool
  • Includes Inventory Management
  • Quick Billing
  • Intuitive Support
  • Minimal effort - Maximum control
Hotel Management Suite
  • Complete suite for hassle free Hotel Management
  • On-Spot/Online booking System
  • Integrated Restaurant/Cafeteria Ordering and Billing Tool
  • Expenses and Billing balances at click of a button
  • Complimentary offer - Free website design & Development
Our Services

Responsive Web Design

In this technology driven world, more often than not, a website is your first impression on your potential clients. A presentable website that depicts the core values of your company in the best possible way has become a neccesity. We design and develop creative and vibrant websites for any type of business and help you stand out.
All our websites follow latest design patterns and renders gracefully on any device.
Customised ERP

We provide customized ERP solutions for any type of business ranging from retail stores to Hospitals.
ERP systems are meant to enable business owners to have a grip on their business. It makes available all relevant data points about the business at your fingertips. How various teams within your business coordinate are also kept intact. Our ready-made ERP systems include
  • Aries - For School Management
  • Libra - For Finacial Management
  • Gemini - For Accounts Management
  • Hospital Management
  • Hotel Management
All our ERPs can be customised to tailor suit your business.
Graphic Design

A picture speaks a thousand words.
One Ad Banner that expresses the best of your business in the most lucid way while being simple can win you a sizeable number of clients overnight. One meaningful logo that emcompasses all the values and missions of your initiative can win so many hearts. We design Logo, Ad Banners and Posters for
  • business organizations
  • Societies
  • Educational Institutes etc.
Mobile Applications

To run a business, an online presence is important. As your business grows or in case you plan to scale up, suitable mobile applications to make transactions convenient for your clients become an immense neccessity. We build mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. Utmost care is taken to cater to all your requirements. And yes, we are good listeners :)
  • Android & iOS
  • Beautiful & Fluidic Design Paradigm
  • Seamless integrattion with Web Applications
Bulk Supply of Electronics Hardware

We also supply Hardware and perform maintenance in collaboration with various partners. Buying Hardware items of course burns a hole in your pocket. Most of the time people end up buying hardware that are way beyond what is actually required. Pentabte Technologies will advise you with configurations are are best fit for your needs. We deal with the following hardware items
  • Laptops & Desktop PCs
  • Biometric Machines for Smart Attendance
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Internet Routers & Switches
IT Consulting

Want to make the most out of emerging Technologies but not sure how to? Come to us and we will ensure you don't regret. We will analyse your business and advise you on where IT fits into. Whether you use them or not is solely your decision, we only show you the possible ways. Boss, you are the boss.
Please drop us a message and we will get back to you

**For any assistance please call 8131999555